Ashley Elizabeth (isoubel) wrote in aardvarknscribe,
Ashley Elizabeth

heres "something"

I did it and joined.
So heres my anything to write about:
I've again become a vegetarian and its been going really well, last few times i had tried if i was put in a place where there was just no other options i would cave.
but ive been doing well for i dont know how long. but yesterday my sisters went out for Chinese food and without thinking bought be cashew chicken instead of cashew veggie which is all vegatable based. all i had eaten yesterday was about 8 of those really thin, really crunchy Nature Valley granola bars, so i picked the chicken out. i still felt like i had been naughty though because im about 99.9% sure the sauce was some sort of chicken based.
Also, ive never really enjoyed meat substitutes- they dont taste at all like meat which i dont mind but the taste they have instead are nasty. BUT this tiny little grocery store down the way suddenly started selling Boca burgers and this store is the only place i can find them. they are really really good, they dont taste like meat but have a taste of thier own which is just as good.

so hows that for random? too random?
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