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aardvarknscribe's Journal

Aardvark 'N' Scribe, scribble
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This is a WRITE ANTHING community. Random Ramblings RULE!!!

for example "I like cheese! it makes me happy" is a perfect post! except they can be longer
Short stories, song parodies, hilarious news articles from the Onion that you wanted to share.

HOWEVER, here are the rules:


NO gross out, horror, or sex stories, they will be deleted automatically.

nothing racist or religiously prejudiced or anything. This doesn't count jokes, but understand some jokes are appropriate, some are NOT. Racist comments willl be removed and the author will be removed from the community. If a joke pushes the envelope, the author will get a 2 warnings. If it happens again...out he or she goes.

Odd ramblings are OK, this includes lists of your favorite things, how to annoy people on an elevator, and your theory as to the existence of penguins.

this is most aimed at random and comedy. if your post does not fit in that catagory, please LJ cut it, with the title and genre in the subject line

NO POLITICAL RANTS! you will be given one warning, and then removed from the community. THE ONLY EXCEPTION to this rule in NATIONAL political rants (eg PRO or ANTI bush)

Constructive criticism is fine, insulting criticism is not.

if your post would be more than a page, single spaced, please LJ cut it. if you have a picture larger than 4"x4" LJ cut it.

art is fun! I love it! post it!!!

None of those stupid pics like "what is wrong with this picture" and then a ghost jumps out OK??

Be nice!

Be random!

Please express at the top of the post whether the peice is yours, if not, whose is it? (if you don't know, that is OK) and whether people may copy it.

If someone says something is copyright (cannot be coppied) and I find out that you have copied it, you are DEAD MEAT...ok, you will be automatically removed from the list and the author will be contacted.

posts may be in ANY language, but PLEASE provide an english translation if you can