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ok so I wrote this thingy that I'm personally really proud of , so just tell me what you think cause I'd like some outside advice(oh and you have to read the thing the WHOLE WAY THROUGH or else the story'll sound stupid)

This morning I wore my most revealing and accentuating clothing. I took extra care in doing my makeup and put my hair up because that style looks best on me. “Showtime" I whispered to the mirror before I left for school. I was quiet with my friends and silent during my classes: I was anticipating my performance during lunch. Lunch finally came.

I saw him right away. I walked over as if it were no big deal and put my face real close to his "Meet me at my place after school, I have some good news to tell you, you can come right?" I asked seductively, giving him the 'now or never, you may be missing the chance of a lifetime' look. His smile showed he'd bitten the bait. I smiled and slid my soft hand across his cheek before walking away to reel him in a bit more.

I saw him waiting nervously on my porch and changing his composure to ignorant bliss once he saw me walking over. "So um, what's this good news you were gonna tell me?" he asked playfully with a 'knowing' smile. "I'll tell you back here" I led him to a more secluded area, still outside and near the house but more private. his stifled grin at the luck of this situation made this performance all the more easier.

I lightly pushed him against a fence, pressing my body against him, I could feel his hardness. "I'm sure you knew this already but I've always felt a little 'unfulfilled' when you left me." I said with a suggestive smile. I put my face real close to his, this was the moment of truth. He kissed me, he had bitten and now he was caught. "'unfulfilled'?" he asked innocently. I made him lay down on the soft grass floor and lay on top of him, making sure we were as close as our clothing permitted. I smiled playfully. "You know how it felt when you left me like that?" I asked distractedly while going for his belt buckle. He barely heard my words they sounded so innocent. my voice changed from seductive to cold as ice.  " this" I immediately got up and walked away, leaving him confused and betrayed as I had been. Mission accomplished

So I really thought this was great because to me its the perfect form of revenge; not too harsh, yet you get your point across.

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